Altered Earth by Doug Aitken


iPad App

Content Development

Doug Aitken Workshop

INABA created content for Altered Earth, an ambitious iPad app conceived by Doug Aitken. The app is one iteration of a moving image and sound work of Arles, France commissioned by the Luma Foundation. The app allows users to experience the original work, an evocative series of film sequences of the Carmague region's landscape, industry, rituals, and built environment. In addition to viewing it in its entirety, users can choose to watch individual 'chapters' as part of an interactive, non-linear experience.


A central element of this navigable art project is the text and image descriptions in each of the chapters. INABA scripted their narratives, selecting topics that resonate with Aitken's exploration of the geographies of migration, transaction, and entropy. This involved undertaking historical research to identify subject matter that would shed further light on these geographies through regional examples. We developed storylines and diagrams about local bird migration, boats, salt production, animal species, agriculture and ruins.  


Download the free app through the Apple iTunes Store.

Project Team

INABA: Jeffrey Inaba, Stephanie Lee, Gregory Serweta