Information Center



15 SM

Los Angeles, USA

Little Tokyo Design Week

Graphic Design


The exterior surface is a layered graphic with content legible at two scales. The ‘Future City’ logo is visible from afar. Closer up, a new font derived from letter segments of the logo spell out the word, ‘info.’

The large shapes on the interior walls are abstractions of the logo letters which are employed to create a lenticular effect. One set of shapes are visible from the entry point and another is visible from the interior looking outward. While inside the pavilion, visitors experience a field of patterns between the two station points. First presented at the 2011 AM2 (Anime, Manga, Music) Convention and later at the Little Tokyo Design Week.  

Project Team

INABA, Los Angeles: Jeffrey Inaba, Yasmeen Khan, Ben Konen, Simon Battisti, Aaron Baseman