Is This Not a Pipe?


160 pp

Edited by Jeffrey Inaba


Columbia University GSAPP

Volume Magazine


Irma Boom, Amsterdam

Buildings are filled with pipes. There are pipes for air, water, electricity, information, and even people. Without them and the machines they connect to, architecture would be uninhabitable. But as essential as pipes are, these networks are typically cast in a supporting role that causes them to function inefficiently and results in unnecessary problems during a building’s lifetime. In this issue of Volume magazine we present models of design that integrate the building and its pipes in a more sustainable way, and which create new kinds of spaces that enrich our experience of architecture and technology.


It features influential building examples such as IIT’s Crown Hall, the Willis Faber & Dumas headquarters, and the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion. Also included are contributions by Mark Wigley, Kiel Moe, David Gissen, Florian Idenburg, Filip Tejchman, John Hejduk, James Stamp, as well as interviews with Matthias Schuler, Neil Denari, Christian Kerez, Bjarke Ingels, Tom Wiscombe, Andrès Jaque, MOS, Juan Herreros, Philippe Rahm, and Mahadev Raman.


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Project Team

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Benedict Clouette

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