Pool Noodle Rooftop


Rooftop Terrace and Seating

450 SM

New York, USA


Four separate seating areas cluster around a ‘X’ shaped carpet covering the entire rooftop surface of the former Dia Art Foundation building in Chelsea. The furniture, which is also X-shaped in plan, has been constructed from pool noodles – the long and cylindrical, foam water floatation toys. The pool noodles have been cut and bunched vertically into chaise lounge and ottoman units of varying heights that accommodate up to 150 people. 


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For other pool noodle options see, 50 Ways to Use Your Noodle, http://www.amazon.com/50-Ways-Use-Your-Noodle/dp/0964654113.

Project Team

INABA: Jeffrey Inaba, Darien Williams, Jessica Rivera, Simon Battisti, Andrew Park


X-Initiative: Amanda Kim, Vincent Stracquadanio, Nicole Baker, Sam Logan, Justin Brooks, Ashley Clark, Christine Vittorino, Anna Mikhailovskaia, Erin Pierson, Nicole Savoy, Eri Takane, Amanda Mauer, Jessica Kase, R. Pianchupattana, David Smith, Daniel Zev Tepper, Alexandra Pisarro-Grant, Kristen Brodgesell, Caroline Nuckolls, Dana Fior, Jocelyn Miller, Sarah Cressler, Kirby Mages, Szuhan Chen, Mercedes Brown, Lauren Taylor, Hallie Parker, Steven Zambrano Cascante, Richard Espinosa, Ryan Andrews, Haeahn Kwon, Lisa Larson-Walker.