S Table


Table Design

New York, USA

One Pot

with C-Lab

Situated in a Louis Comfort Tiffany interior located at the Park Avenue Armory, seventy-five linear feet of required table area is compressed into forty-five feet of available floor space by designing the table in a S-shape. The figure of the table sets the tone for interaction among guests, reducing the overall distance between diners, and providing areas of informal discussion tucked along the curve.


The table base and top were conceived of having two distinct life spans. The legs are durable and re-usable in typical restaurant furniture fashion. They are drawn to the edge of the eight-foot tabletop span, linking adjoining segments and economizing on the total number needed. By comparison, the tabletop itself is made of thin MDF sheets donated by a building supplier. Only 1/4 of an inch (6mm) thick, the thin temporary sheets are highlighted as a feature of the design by spanning them their maximum structural length and allowing the thin profile to serve as a counterpoint to the table’s solid legs.